The Township of Morris Plains has a consolidated school system with adjacent town elementary schools in both towns and the Junior /Senior High School established in the Township. There is also an all-girls college, introductory separate Roman Catholic high school in the Township - this is one of the outstanding Parochial High Schools in Morris County.

The goals set for the board are as listed below:

Aid student growth and academic success through a focus on the constant review and refinement of curricula, instructional practices, and professional development.

Develop the practice of consolidating and using data to take decisions in all aspects of the school district. Categorize precise metrics that can be used to communicate the effectiveness of district and school-wide initiatives.

Execute all Year activities outlined in the Strategic Action Plan associated with the following five areas:

a. Health and Wellness

b. Academic Tenacity and Student Accomplishment

c. Safety, Security, and Facilities

d. Culture, Citizenship, Climate, and Community

e. Technology

Proactively interact with a broader community to keep them notified of the program and to promote the school district. Develop a communications strategy to efficiently engage various stakeholders within the community through digital, print, and personal methods.