Township Bylaws and Legislation

The community works in alignment with the solicitors or government bodies for implementing the programs towards building our township. Adopted legislation yet to be incorporated in the code are listed as the programs or agendas for the members to work for improving the township environment. They work with a common goal of making sure that any needs legal or informal of the residents living in the county heard of and if they need any resolution the organization will take requisite steps to help the residents.

Township Code Compliance

For any new construction, maintenance of the properties or leasing and renting related issues in the county, the community has to make sure that codes are followed, in accordance with the governing laws of the county.

Tesla Supercharing Coming Soon

With the surge in electric vehicles in our community over the past 3 years, we are coordinating with Tesla to install a Supercharger in our township. We are excited about this expansion, as it will put the Morris Plains community on a national map of Tesla Supercharging locations, bringing tourism and traffic through our township.

If you are interested in learning about buying an selling a used Tesla learn more on this website. Dave Anderson, chair of our leadership committee is soon selling his Tesla Model 3 here and moving to a larger Tesla Model Y. With the Supercharger installation, we may soon be seeing many more Tesla vehicles around town.


The duties and services of the association include, but not limited to the following:

  • Prepare meeting agenda and keep an official record of the proceedings of every meeting.
  • Process, record, file and when required, issue laws, resolutions, and budget.
  • Maintain custody of all minutes, bonds, deeds, contracts, and archival records of the municipal corporation.
  • Maintain receipt of service of legal documents.
  • Check the licenses issued for ( liquor, bingo, raffles, peddlers, landscapers, towing, amusement games, etc.)
  • Handle resident inquiries regarding purchasing, renting or leasing
  • Serve as information officers to the public
  • Purchases supplies and equipment as and when needed for public amenities.
  • Coordinate special projects
  • Public inquiries related to sanitation, power and water supply
  • Landlord Rental Registration
  • Provide street/zoning maps